Sunday, April 6, 2014

Strong, London Grammar

I have seldom been moved- and moved this much. Few things touch me in their essence- but have I found something, I can worship?

This is just a tribute, if not a review of a new song- which, by the way, has been on loop for an hour almost.

The temptress is 'Strong' by a new band I have started to chase - 'London Grammar'.

The song is liquid poetry set to motion - to turn the wheels of your heart. It makes you FEEL, THINK and cower in front of your own powers. Before more decoding or deductions- hear the song- let it shake you up too. The vox, that beats an Adele anyday- makes you weep like a baby- as it pushes you far past the edge of reasoning.

First time, I chanced upon it, I was rooted to the spot. Mesmerized is too mild a word to describe the pathos. The sheer melancholy was Hamlet-ic while the ponderous voice meandered to tug willfully at your tender heartstrings.

Apocalyptic, the song wrecked the listener unapologetically. On an impulse, I shared it with a certain heartless friend of mine- to gauge the effect.

Profound, he stood- shocked. The song can break walls too !

On loop- it's a catharsis. A release of all emotions pent up- which you have stored for months on end.

It throws questions at you, daring you to rise up and answer. Questions, are a challenge - to humanity? Or is a route to find some truth in your soul- when all you're doing is RUNNING? Running away from all that you endear or endure.

Is Live Strong, just a wrist band or does it inspire? Is life, through all it's conspiracy, showing it's own light? Which side-tracks me to another off-hand thought - why is 'magical' connoted in a positive note while 'conjuring' so negative?

Ah! Never mind, that.

"Excuse me for a while
While I'm wide eyed
And I'm so down caught in the middle..."

Does it call out to the child in you that puddles at the brink of adulthood. How many times, have you reduced yourself to a puddle? Are you a wuss, then?

Strength of mind, body and spirit- is all a facade, then. We all unite, in the spirit of humanity, in our sorrows. Jam in the un-stuck and un-done moments.

"Yeah I might seem so strong,
Yeah I might speak so long,
I've never been so wrong..."

Is humanity, itself a bondage? We all live by images- turn a blind eye to flaws- but aren't flaws what make us, so strong?

Where's the touch of charisma, in us, when we interact? Is it the smile or the gleam in the eye?

But do we have the courage to search for what lies behind the twinkling eyes? Do we want to know the weaker side of the story, as well? Are WE strong enough to deal with that?

"And if a lion roars, would you not listen?
And if a child cries, would you not forgive them?"

The rising octaves, collide head-on, with the two extremes of emotions. At two tangents, we are weak and strong at the same time. We address the 3 states of being in the same breath.

Do we pay heed to what lies behind the ire? Do we LISTEN to someone, or just fall prey to the facade of 'strong'?

Are we strong to love purity? Does it touch us or are we scared that it might break us?

Are, we, the most emotional of all animals, scared of our own emotions? We stop to listen and to care- but believe in everyone being strong- because that prevents an information overload.

Sharing and being SKIN with someone is just that - information overload. Strange age, we live in!

And the tears roll on .... Catharsis, feels euphoric. The feeling I have wished for- running for miles at an end and collapsing in your own pool of tears- yet smiling through it, as you have then found yourself. You have blossomed again!