Friday, March 27, 2015

Edie Britt!

As I start typing, emulating my best role as the Yellow Journalist, I am wonder-struck at my choice of topic today. Edie Britt! The woman, I had hardly cared about - but suddenly, see her in a new light.

Well in Desperate Housewives, she died today- raising in my nubile mind- many questions. My discourse then runs the channel of these questions.

Mostly as I see and sense from my own moral high ground- why I dislike Edie ..

  1. Does not have a fixed direction in life
  2. Sex appeal is haywired. Her intentions are "wrong"
  3. Manipulating - or shall I say MENipulating?!
  4. Cannot value bonds
  5. Cannot stick to one.
But wait! As I wrote these down.. my own vox at the back of my head, started mocking me.

 First - who am I to judge her? Being judgmental, curiously gives one a mantle piece undeserved!

Second- did I just say these lines/ words? Did this just make me a femi-chauvinist (for the lack of a better word as the Dictionary has not invented any so far to sum up my feelings or angst about me being a woman and castigating another in the light stereotypical ethos).

Whoever designed labels, tags and stereotypes anyway? To follow is to be safe?

Throughout the series, Edie, has been strongly disliked by the women around. Who are these women? 
  1. housewives
  2. gossip mongers
  3. typical moms
  4. "friends"
Life as people live it is a linear process from behind the curtains till the curtains fall. In each segment of this process called life, we live behind several dimensions of masks. Each moment archetypes our character to bring out shades of us- that we best choose to suit the occasion!

Yes, our subconscious is clever. Cleverer than we credit it to be!
It plays out our roles and makes us enact in our roles- without letting us in the know that would obviously let our guards down.

Quite a genius this mind of ours is then! It plays tricks on us, fools us, yet shows us a way of life, we can never imagine!

That is well - for  most of us anyway... those of us, who choose to live an idealized life, but are thwarted by the realities to see another face of life!

While for the handful minority, like our Edie here, who dare to know the subconscious and play along than be played with. Edie knew her id. She knew her core- which let her be free. One of the few women who dared to call a spade a spade. 

She was therefore, free in her sexuality, conduct and socialization - that made her confident, brass and bold. Qualities we all secretly admire, but stay aloof and dumb on. Herd / heard mentality, you see!

There was indeed another side to Edie. The deep , thoughtful, perceptive and imaginative person. She sensed others well, was astute to read men and guide women and be there as a friend to help most. All she'd wanted was a shoulder to cry / lean on and a trusted hand to hold onto - before she poured out her heart of gold and showered one with love.

But, Edie being Edie- never got what she wanted. Instead she wandered and wondered. Her meandering ways, caught the fancy of many - who promised her the eternal sunshine but gave her the ephemeral puerility that always shattered. 

Men viewed her therefore as an object. She had not objected too. Perhaps, this was her folly. To obviate the shallow shadow she chose to leave upon as her impression. Only with Carlos, did the veil unmask itself - and it was lovely to see the real person behind the make-up, colors, light and glamour. 

As her story ran its own pages, she found herself alone and then used. 

Women like her get used easily - only because underneath all the brouhaha they are beautiful people and more humane / compassionate than any living being. 

Women like her are really strong - in character, choice, voice and stead. They demand little of what they deserve- primarily because they do not choose to the follow the herd. They live the lights of life - and look forward to the beautiful tomorrows always.. because they know they have the courage to face any phase of life independently. 

Edit Britt, comes along as a stark revelation and a mirror to one's own character. She is that dark moment of truth, that subtle turning point in your life, through her deep and incisive understanding of your own depth. She knew how to live and embody a *been there done that* outlook to life.

Women like Edie Britt deserve respect.
And as I write, she reminds me of a very much known shadow close to home!

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