Thursday, May 23, 2013

Being headless is being a chicken ?

More oft than not, specially in our sagacious country, where every other person competes in omniscience and its associated degrees with one another- we have heard our wise elders preach values about determining a course of life.

A charter of rights - to be right- to do right and in short - just exist right. The charter forms the mandate - the holy grail to truth absolute. Its also said and felt, that this would lead to the path to success... possibly Nirvana too as the state of  Kaivalya obviously rests in paying heed to he(a)rd words.

All kinds of eyes watch our progress in life- wide eyes, big round eyes, red eyes, blue  eyes and green eyes. Our steps are always measured with time and distance sums. The space between the footprints, seems to be imprinted in the in the baby's mind , while it lies in oblivion in its nascent stage.

The words uttered all around us - a chant handed down as a lip service across time and space- are expected to cover all tracks in life. No-one must question the power these words wield as they  hold a biblical  relevance in one's life. Years can only fray the edges, adding to their wisdom. Obedience is thus sought as an inevitable dharma. Deviation is thus chaotic, for a world so orderly.

Even Durkheim, while eulogizing on law and order, spoke about chaos being ridden by disobedience to norms. In fact, literature and history remain strewn with examples of turmoil caused by non-adherence to words. The fables must be believed. The scriptures must be swallowed as a whole- to be a whole and be part of a larger whole.

Expressions come easy at another's failure thus. People, socially driven to emote in the least positive manner, frown on the one unable to follow norms. The tongue clucks itself while the muscles all around the face contort to show displeasure. So easily can the smile turn frosty while one's support maybe withdrawn at the slightest hint of 'trouble.'

Yet how many of us are empathetic to chaos? How many understand the need for turmoil?

In how many books / movies / serials / WOM, would you find a support to such a brouhaha?

While the destination always remains the goal, how many of us fall in love with the road to it and all the agony along the way? Is noise a barrier then - to still one's own rhythm?

Delving deep in our hearts, how many can admit to the courage required to follow one's choice? Is everybody led on by the illusion of a straight line?

So then, what about those stuck in a quagmire of their eccentricity? Would people doubt their authenticity or dub their ethnicity in terms of origin, to be hollow?

Is success linked to linear progression? Are these straight lines, the path to self-actualization?

What about those again, who seem confused about their aim as they run along amok in their concentric circles? Is circle or round a shape then, symbolic of worthlessness / defeat/ loss of purpose?

How joyous is that life full of questions than answers? Does it rate high even among the mass? What's the role of hope then in such a seamless life? Is it all a part of wasted lights, as the shining words illumine one's evolution.

It's a thought that often plagues me... I must be sounding strange...but what I really wish to understand, is the benefit of being directionless / aimless - in short non adherence to linear life. What is the role of an individual's essence wrt the collective? Is it that the herd mentality seems a safer route than a chaotic path  to joy?

Does it take someone more courage to be self-declared as headless - without being a specific-ist. Is transparency about a lack of vision, a reflection of greater bravery? Must all paths be pre-determined? How much does a flow attribute to finding one's direction despite the winds of change.

Taking this thread further then - must the headless person be called a chicken ??

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