Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Brand Associations?

A Friend of mine recently got divorced and everyone asked HIM – “What did you do?”

Is this – Brand Association or Brand Extensions or just Brand Positioning which makes up all our “assumptions” in life? In this case, the assumption always is that statistically the husband is at fault in divorces more than wives and hence the "brand".
The question that comes to my mind is that does our (consumer’s) association with something in the past make us relate a brand in a particular way? I know it does in many ways but does a company or a person for that matter stay true to their Brand Positioning or should they try to alter it proactively. Do we rely on the neutrality of people or do we actively seek to take (dis)advantage of it? More to follow.....
But for now see this:


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  1. little do people debunk. presumptuous souls.. all of 'em !!